Sample Preparation Services
PXBioVisioN's peptide extraction services offer enrichment solutions for the low molecular weight proteome, the peptidome or substances (e.g. drugs) in the same molecular weight range. With a more than 95% of total protein removal, sample volumes between 100 microliter and 1 milliliter, substances in a mass range up to 15 kDa can be explored. In addition to body fluids like blood plasma, serum, urine, CSF or synovial fluid, the unique approach enrich peptides in tissues and cell culture.

Improvements made it possible that this technology can be applied not only to peptides but also to enrich drugs from complex body fluids like plasma or serum. We offer the possibility to evaluate the preparation service for pharmaceuticals for a limited number of samples for free to ensure, that we meet your expectations. Feel free to contact us for a detailed offer.
All work is being done in our labs in Hannover, Germany. Just send us your samples and you will receive a concentrate that is depleted of proteins ready to run your own downstream analysis.

For the low molecular proteome

  • Extraction of native peptides including protein depletion
  • High reproducibility, high recovery
  • Albumin depletion 95% - 99%, peptide recovery 30-100%
  • Desalted peptide extracts of biological samples like Plasma, CSF, urine, cell cultures and tissues
  • Up to 1.0 ml of sample
  • Compatible to biomarker discovery and validation platforms
  • Compatible with all mass spectrometry protocols

For small molecules (e.g. Drugs)

  • Albumin depletion >99%
  • Recovery rate of target substance depends on its physical chemical properties
  • Compatible with all mass spectrometry protocols
  • Free sample preparation for evaluation purposes possible